Get ready to groove and move with our dynamic dance band, as we take you on a musical journey through the rhythms of Cumbias, R&B, Country, timeless classics, and everything in between that will ignite the dance floor


Hello S2L Fans!

what a crazy couple of weeks, on June 29th we played the Belen All-American celebration with two great acts, Austin Van and Black Pearl, what a fantastic day, then on July 4th we played the Freedom Fest at the Balloon Fiesta Park opening up for Atlantic Recording Artist Michael Ray. July is going to be very busy for S2L, we travel to Gallup the weekend of July 12, We will play fire rock casino, Friday night, then open the music festival at fire rock on July 13, we take the stage at 4:00. 

we are playing the moose and Thirsty Thursday and effing bar this month along with the San Ignacio Fiesta at the end of the month. please check our schedule for times and dates. ./shows

We want to shout out Alex Robnet, Michael Rascon,  Jasmine and Janet, Pamela, Miquelita, Austin Van, Ruben and Linda Barreras (Black Pearl), Vicki Brigance, The Memphis Ptails and Denankius. for making these past few weeks so great.





Welcome S2L Fans 

Man, what a busy month we had and a busy month to come.  We have 20 shows planned between June 1  and July 31. We will be playing some great shows in Belen with Black Pearl and Austin Van and Yes Miss Alex will be with us on this date. We want to thank all the support and love we have received from the shows these past few months, and we feel blessed to be here doing this and seeing you our fans dancing and enjoying yourselves. you are what makes this band shine. 

Never be afraid to approach us as we are always excited to meet you, and we will make our rounds to meet as many of you as we can every show. 


Hello S2L fans

As you can see in the header photo, Thomas Mares has returned to play with us. 

As a band, we are so excited to have him back!!!, he is a founding member of S2L and a driving force in what we do and how we sound. We can’t wait to see what this brings. 

This past few weeks we have broken the top five countdown on KNMX, with Rosa Maria, It is such a cool thing, thanks to those who have voted to get us there.

We have a full schedule this summer and a few holes to fill in, it looks like we will be playing six different fiestas this year so be on the lookout for us there. We are also picking up a monthly gig at the Moose on Edith and looking for dates for the state fair.

We are working on getting more casino gigs and just booked Sky City Casino again for late August. We will be headed out to Gallup to play Fire Rock Casino in July. Man, we are going to be busy busy. Make sure to check our schedule for the upcoming date

We want to express a huge thank you to Jesse Cavalier, Harold Montoya, and Gabe Saiz for filling in the past few months, without you guys we would have been dead in the water. 

Look for us to be recording a follow-up cd in the fall for Undercover 

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